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Fly Dye Clothing Co. produces handmade tie-dyed clothing and accessories.

All of my clothing is produced using a modern twist on traditional techniques. I sell one-of-a-kind tie-dyed clothing and accessories for the whole family, newborn to 90, 5 lbs to 5X. I strive to have something unique for everyone. I carry a wide variety of children’s and women’s clothes. Each piece is hand tied and dyed in my home studio. My inventory includes infant and toddler clothes, dresses, skirts, sarongs, t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, pants, shorts, scarves, bandanas, bags, hats, aprons, and more. I use professional grade Procion MX fiber reactive dyes to bring life to the garments. I use a variety of folding techniques and dye applications on my products which gives them the ability to sell themselves. Each item is professionally laundered, pre-shrunk, and ready to wear.

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